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Here you can find all of my favorite travel gear, vlogging gear, and more! I use all of these products and can personally recommend them!

This page contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Vlogging Gear

The camera I use to film every one of my videos. Incredibly portable & discreet (I'm looking at you, Egyptian police). Shoots photos and videos up to 4K/60 fps, and features a gimbal to keep all of your shots balanced and smooth. The perfect travel vlogging camera - I can't recommend it highly enough. Click here to get it!

An incredibly versatile action camera - mount it to your car, a harness, a helmet, or wear it on the magnetic lanyard around your neck to capture first-person shots. This camera is modular and can be combined with a ton of accessories and mounts. It's a great companion to the DJI Pocket 2. Click here to get it!

My new drone, a mega upgrade from the DJI Mini 2 (see below). This drone is the perfect intermediate level drone for travel because it's super lightweight, shoots 4k60fps footage, and also shoots  full resolution vertical shots. Click here to get it!

My previous drone. A great beginner drone that shoots incredibly high quality photos and videos. It's tiny and so convenient to take with you on the go. Click here to get it!

A must have when you're recording a lot of video. This hard drive is extremely rugged and absolutely tiny, so it's the perfect SSD to take on the go. Available in a bunch of different storage capacities. Click here to get it!

You can't save footage without storage! This micro SD card from SanDisk features fast reading and writing speeds, and is interchangeable between the cameras and drone I use (see above). Click here to get it!

If you're like me you'll probably have a handful of SD cards that constantly rotate through your cameras. It's a lot to keep track of, and these micro SD cards are tiny, so this protective case is essential for keeping things organized and secure on the go. Click here to get it!

I use these headphones to edit my videos because they feature industry-leading noise cancellation, and they come with a wire that you can connect to your laptop - this is important for when you're trying to time clips perfectly to music and you can't have any Bluetooth audio delay. Also great for everyday use. Click here to get them!

I get all of the music that you hear in my videos from Epidemic Sound. All of their music is royalty-free, meaning that I am legally allowed to use it in my videos and monetize them. This is super important! Epidemic's library is huge and they have songs to fit any mood or genre. Get 10% off using my link. Click here to sign up!

Travel Gear

My favorite travel bag/backpack. This bag fits so much and is super functional. It features multiple compartments, a laptop sleeve, a removable hip strap, shoulder duffel strap, and more. And it's made by an awesome company with a great mission. Click here to get it!

If you need to pack a bit more, I'd recommend checking out this suitcase from Samsonite. It's expandable and has great wheels. Perfect to take with you anywhere around the globe. Click here to get it!

This power bank has saved me more times than I can count. When you're out filming or exploring all day, it's pretty easy to run through a camera or phone battery. This massive 20,000mAh charger can charge via USB-C or USB-A, and can hold multiple charges for most phones and cameras. Click here to get it!

I've had this wallet for years and I absolutely love it. Compact and made with high quality materials, it also features a latch system that will give you quick access to all of your credit/debit cards and keep things organized. Also protected by RFID technology to keep your card data secure. Click here to get it!

My daily drivers. I love these headphones for their high quality audio, noise cancelling, and compact size. Absolutely perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles, and also great for casual video editing. Click here to get them!

Item trackers from Apple that make it easy to track down lost or stolen valuables. I always keep one in my wallet, one in my backpack, and one in my luggage - but you can put them wherever! These give me peace of mind while traveling. Click here to get them!

I love this product because it takes away the need to worry whether I'll have the right plug adapter for the country I'm traveling to. This thing works in almost every country, and I use it every single day. Click here to get it!

Cheap Flights

I use Skyscanner to book all of my flights. It searches the entire web to find you the best deal across all of the different airlines and platforms. I've consistently found that Skyscanner offers cheaper flights than any other platform. Click here to check it out!

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