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"Doug is not just an amazing tour guide; he is, more importantly, an incredible human being. Being half Iraqi, I had a deep-rooted desire to explore the land where my father came from. Doug not only fulfilled that longing, but went above and beyond. His ability to simplify and make everything comfortable made the entire journey memorable. Touring Iraq with him was an unparalleled experience, and I can't imagine doing it with anyone else. If you're contemplating traveling with Doug, rest assured, you won't regret it. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore other places with him in the future."

~ Maryam E.

"I had no idea of what to expect heading into my Iraq tour with Doug. We went during a flare up in tensions within the Middle East, and everyone I knew discouraged me from going because of the conflict they saw on the news throughout the region. I have to admit that I was even somewhat nervous before I landed in Baghdad, but as soon as I arrived, all of those feelings disappeared. Doug and Hussein did an incredible job leading our tour through Iraq, and there was never a moment that I felt like I was in danger. The people of Iraq are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and every preconceived notion I had of the country was completely turned on its head. If you’re considering going to Iraq, I would have to recommend taking a trip with Doug. I guarantee you won’t regret it!"
~ Austin D.
"As someone who typically dislikes organized tours, Doug Barnard's Iraq trip felt more like traveling with a great group of friends. I loved the flexibility and less-structured feel of the trip, which provided more opportunities to interact with locals and grab a bite to eat off the street. Doug and local Iraqi guide, Hussein Rasheed, make a fantastic guiding duo. Add in the excellent minibus driver, Habib, and they form a terrific trio for creating a fun and enriching travel experience."
~ Ariana M.
"Exploring Iraq with Doug has been one of the most incredible travel experiences ever. Doug curated something so special with this trip by giving us an entirely culturally immersive experience, from visiting historical places such as Babylon, the ancient Sumerian city of Ur, and meeting some of the kindest, warm, and welcoming locals to enjoying the delicious local cuisine. This trip gives you absolutely everything. Nothing is missing in this travel experience with Doug. We felt completely safe during every part of the trip. We were all sad when the trip ended and it was time to go. I highly recommend coming to Iraq with Doug. It will change your life."
~ Kellee G.
"I traveled to Iraq with Doug Barnard Travel from October 26 to November 3. The Iraq trip was fantastic from start to finish. Very nice hotels, fascinating destinations. Highpoints included a wonderful visit to the Iraqi marshes in southern Iraq. So beautiful and relaxing and informative. And also visiting the Saddam Hussein abandoned palace and having a group meal together on the second floor was great. And the Mosques we visited were historical and gorgeous. From start to finish, Iraq is a beautiful, safe, fascinating and historical place to travel. I'm from the US in my mid 60s, and was the oldest in our group. Doug and his local Iraqi guide Hussein put together a fantastic, exotic and informative visit to a corner of the world not many people visit - but should."
~ Jeff T.
"This was my first group tour, as I usually travel solo. I’m thrilled I chose to tour with Doug. Each day felt like spending time with friends. Beyond the incredible sights, my favorite part was trying foods I’ve never tasted before, sharing Iraqi meals, wandering the country, and learning about its history and culture. Hussein and Doug were very knowledgeable and always ensured we had a great time."
~ Mary W.
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